Social Responsibility

Here are some of the environmental protection and social contribution activities performed by SEGA Group.

With a full awareness of the fact that we are, as a corporate citizen, a member of society, we will voluntarily and proactively endeavor to contribute to society through our business activities,etc., our support in the development of cultural activities including art and sport and the preservation of the global environment.

We are involved a variety of disaster relief and other community initiatives.

Natural Disaster Relief Activities

Support following the Kumamoto Earthquake

Support people in the disaster-stricken areas in Kumamoto

We extend our deepest sympathies to those who have been affected by the Kumamoto Earthquake which occurred on April 14, 2016. Our PHOENIX RESORT visited evacuation centers in Mashiki-cho and other towns immediately after the disaster to supply relief goods and prepare meals outdoors.
Employees of other SEGA SAMMY Group companies also participated in volunteer activities at these sites, and the Group cooperated with a children’s event.

Reconstruction Support

Since immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011, we have carried out various support activities in the affected areas. With the specific needs changing as the focus has shifted from emergency and restoration to reconstruction, we have accordingly modified the forms of our support, hoping to bring smiles and vitality to those who are fighting for a genuine rebirth from the disaster.

Events to support people in disaster-stricken areas

We have held events to supporting those in affected areas with entertainment since 2011 under the theme of “Let’s bring smiles and vitality.”

During fiscal 2016, we participated in the Summer Festival in Higashi Matsushima, the Minami Sanriku-cho Sports Festival, the Higashi Matsushima Christmas Festival, the Shichigahama-machi Lifelong Learning Festival, the Iitate-mura Hureai Gathering, and other events, bringing in our entertainment resources, such as UFO CATCHER, Nail-puri, E-ederu sunaba, Kids Medal Game, the Darts, THE ADVENTURE OF PANDA AND FRIENDS, Flash Pad, and Smart Ball.

Visits and donations to children facilities (e.g., kindergartens, nursery centers)

Papanda (a staff member in a stuffed animal suit) visited 16 children facilities in the disasteraffected areas in Tohoku to play with them. THE ADVENTURE OF PANDA AND FRIENDS goods (sofas for kids, cushions, keyboards, talking books) were also donated.

Volunteer activities by Group company employees

We started engaging in volunteer activities in June 2011 and have since visited Shichigahama-machi, Higashi Matsushima-shi, and Minami Sanriku-cho of Miyagi Prefecture three times each to clean beaches, assist with fishery work, support people living in temporary housing (ochakko-no-kai for resident gatherings, cleaning, etc.) and to make flowerbeds in gardens. A total of 465 employees have participated since the beginning of this initiative.

Fiscal 2017 new employee training program

Support for the earthquake-and-tsunami afflicted areas has continued since fiscal 2014 as part of our new employee training program. In 2016, 87 new employees visited the affected areas (Ishinomakishi, Onagawa-cho, Minami Sanriku-cho and Higashi Matsushima-shi in Miyagi Prefecture) from April 20 until April 22 (three days and two nights) to take part in activities such as visits, lectures, beach cleanups, group work for reconstruction support and flowerbed construction.