Social Responsibility

Social Contribution Activities

Community Activities

Donation of THE ADVENTURE OF PANDA AND FRIENDS Talking Picture Book for Learning by Playing, and Other Toys

As part of its community contribution, TMS Entertainment donated THE ADVENTURE OF PANDA AND FRIENDS Talking Picture Book for Learning by Playing” and other toys to Nakano Ward, where the company is based, and Chitose city, Hokkaido, the venue for the Shigeo Nagashima Invitational SEGA SAMMY CUP.

TMS Director Hitoshi Okayama (left) and Nakano Ward Mayor Daisuke Tanaka (center)

Daisuke Tanaka, the mayor of Nakano Ward, expressed his gratitude, saying: “Thank you for your donation of THE ADVENTURE OF PANDA AND FRIENDS toys to kindergartens and nursery schools. Nakano Ward is significantly changing with the recent establishment of a university and other factors. I look forward to cooperating with TMS for fun development of the town, including in the organization of in the organization of events using animation for vitalizing the ward.” The toys donated to Chitose will be used in the children’s center, parenting support centers, kindergartens and other places.

Exhibition at the Sakura City Industrial Festival: Sakura Monozukuri Festa 2016

SEGA LOGISTICS SERVICE participates in the Sakura Monozukuri Festa held by Sakura City, where the company is located, as a part of its community contribution. The company exhibited the latest UFO CATCHER, which many visitors enjoyed. We will continue working as members of the local community.

Delivering Christmas Gifts to Children in Nursery Schools and a Group Home in Hachioji

Members dressed up as Santa Claus and reindeer delivering gifts to a nursery school for Christmas 2015

Since 2010 the SEGA SAMMY Baseball Club has been delivering Christmas gifts to a group home located in Hachioji City, where the team is based, as one of its regional contribution activities. In 2015, members of the club in cooperation with TMS ENTERTAINMENT, a Group company, gave THE ADVENTURE OF PANDA AND FRIENDS toys as gifts to children in 81 nursery schools in the city and took time to play with them. The Hachioji Council of Social Welfare sent a letter of appreciation to the club in March 2016, acknowledging their activities as a service that promoted child welfare. The SEGA SAMMY Baseball Club will continue to engage in various activities to serve society so that it can be a club rooted in the community.

Social Support

Campaign to Deliver Picture Books

Our executive pastes translation stickers on each page of the book.

As part of its international contributions, the SEGA SAMMY Group is associated with the Shanti Volunteer Association’s Campaign to Deliver Picture Books* to children. We purchase picture books with money raised by collecting unwanted old books and other items from Group employees, paste stickers into them with translations into local languages, and then send them to the designated locations. In fiscal 2016, the eighth year of the initiative, employees from 19 Group companies took part, sending a total of 1,028 books.

* The Campaign to Deliver Picture Books sponsored by the Shanti Volunteer Association: This campaign provides Japanese picture books with stickers displaying the words in the local languages to Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar refugee camps and Afghanistan, places where hardly any books are published for children, with the hope that the books will bring comfort and fun to children faced with anxiety and sorrow caused by poverty and civil war.

Donating and Disinfecting Toys in Collaboration with NPOs

To address social challenges as much as possible taking advantage of our core business, we have been donating toys of Group companies to non-profit organizations (NPOs) every fiscal year. This year marked the seventh time we engaged in the initiative since fiscal 2009. The Group works with the Japan NPO Center to select NPOs to receive donations. In fiscal 2016, we donated about 2,000 toys from SEGA TOYS and TMS ENTERTAINMENT to the Approved Specified Nonprofit Corporation Family House, which provides accommodation support to families of children undergoing treatment for cancer and other intractable diseases. Our employees regularly visit the facility and work with volunteers to disinfect and repair toys and plush dolls.