Site Policy

Site Policy

For customers using SEGA Corporate Site

Thank you for visiting the SEGA Corporate Site (hereinafter referred to as the Site), managed and operated by SEGA GROUP CORPORATION (hereinafter referred to as the Company).
Please read and agree to the following conditions as a condition for using the Site.

(1) Handling of personal information

  1. When asking for personal information When using the Site, you will not usually be required to provide personal information such as name and address. However, when accessing the content detailed below, we may require you to provide personal information as necessary.

    Participating in surveys and applying for gifts We will require information necessary for the shipping of prizes (address, name, telephone number, etc.) in addition to any information collected by surveys. When applying for a prize, in the event that you win, your name may be posted as part of the winning announcement.
  2. Visitor Access History Information pertaining to when and where you accessed the Site (hereinafter referred to as Access History) will be retained on our servers. This data is used for statistical analysis and site improvement, and will not be used for any other purpose.
  3. Disclosure of personal information We will not disclose your information to third parties, except where stipulated in the Site Policy, or in cases specified by the following items.

    When we have the explicit consent of the identified individual.
    When the information is public knowledge.
    When a disclosure request is made based on legal authority from a public agency.
    When disclosure is obliged by a judge or court order, or when specifically authorized.
    When disclosure is required to protect the Company or a third party’s interests (emergency evacuation/legal defense).
  4. For Visitors Under 16 Years of Age Visitors to this site under 16 years of age should obtain permission of a parent or guardian before providing personal information.

(2) Copyright

The copyright of information provided by the Site is held either by the Company, or by a third party such as the party that provided the information (hereinafter referred to as the Information Provider).
Except where permission has been granted by the Company or right holding third party, information obtained through this site may not be used beyond the scope of private use, and may not be reproduced, sold, distributed, published, or used for business operations.

(3) Disclaimer

The Company provides no warranty regarding the completeness, accuracy or usefulness of the contents and information provided by the Site.
When using the Site, the Company accepts no responsibility for any actions or services provided by third parties.
Even in the event that the Company assumes liability for damages, the scope shall be limited to actual and direct damages, and regardless of whether or not the Company had foreknowledge, or the damage was caused by special circumstances, lost profit, indirect damage or other damage, the Company will assume no additional responsibility.
The provision of information on the Site may be interrupted or discontinued in whole or in part in the event of communication line facility or system failure, regular or emergency maintenance, natural disaster, incident, war or other unavoidable circumstances as they may occur.
Neither the Company nor the Information Provider will be held liable for compensation for damage caused as a direct or indirect result of the provision of information or interruption of the Site, regardless of the content or method.

(4) Links

The site may be linked to freely. However, we reserve the right to add, change, revise, or delete pages without notice.

(5) Changes

We reserve the right to change the contents of this agreement without notice or permission.
Please check the agreement regularly to ensure you are familiar with the latest policy conditions.
Use of the Site implies acceptance of the terms laid out in this agreement. If you do not agree to the terms of this agreement, please refrain from using the Site.

The content of the privacy policies and site policy for this site have been provided in English for informational purposes only. No guarantee is made regarding the accuracy of the translation, and in the event of any discrepancy, the original Japanese language agreements will take priority.